Solving A Water Leak Disaster

Posted by admin on July 06, 2014

If you’ve ever sprung a leak, you’ll know how it creates panic, followed by desperation to find professional help, while dreading finding out how much the repair work is going to cost.

There’s nothing quite like water escaping to cause damage either, especially if it’s been flowing for a while before you notice. If you’re really unlucky, the worst will happen when you’re not at home, and you might find yourself getting home to a river flowing out of your home.

That was exactly what happened to me when I got back from Kos last year, and luckily a neighbour was already on the case and had called out a friend of the family who happened to be a plumber. That was a small silver lining to the dark cloud, as I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start. Probably the best I’d have thought of would be grabbing the Yellow Pages, but I can’t remember seeing one for years.

The most amazing part was the sheer amount of water that got pumped out of the cellar, and it wasn’t for another month or two that the reality dropped through the door that I’d have to pay for all that water, that I certainly didn’t want or need! Fortunately, I happened to speak to a friend who’d also had a leak a few years previously, who told me that Yorkshire Water can be sympathetic if you’ve had a flood, so I spoke to them and they knocked a fair chunk off of the metered bill. Admittedly it was still a lot more than normal, but every little helps. On the positive side the insurance company picked up the bill for new carpets and putting a ceiling back where it should be, which suddenly made 30 years of insurance premiums feel a little less like money down the drain!

So if you’re looking for a good plumber in Sheffield, give Ian a call, who is a really nice chap, and leaves a lot less mess than he arrives to!

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