Victory for Lichfield Security Company CCTV As Pressure Washer Thieves Are Caught

Posted by admin on March 25, 2016

Back in July last year, we told you about the security company ATRCCTV and their services in Lichfield CCTV installation. They were offering security audits across Staffordshire, in a drive to increase the security of homes and businesses in the region.

We were pleased to hear about a massive victory for the company this week, after the footage that was collected by one of their closed circuit television installations caught criminals in the act stealing commercial petrol pressure washer equipment near the M42/A42 junction. The area, north of Tamworth has been plagued with thefts over recent years, and business owners are hopeful that this win for the crime fighters might have a dramatic effect on the crime rate from now on.

The equipment can be very expensive (you can read more about the petrol pressure washers at that are used to clean trucks at the rest areas), and much of the missing machinery was later recovered following a raid as a direct result of the footage that was captured from ATRCCTV’s installation.

While the free audit promotion is no longer running, it’s clear to see just how important good security can be, so why not contact their team to find out what they can do for you before you fall victim to thieves. You can find out more about the company in out previous post about them here.

While the lorry park is still out of action for the time being, a spokesman told us that they are hoping to be operational again shortly after the Easter break.

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